Friday, December 30, 2005

Why the US is pleasing Iran.

Last night, the NBC evening News reported on the use of torture by Iraqi police. When this is no surprise, what follows is more worrisome:

The Iraqi police who run them, U.S. officials say, have been infiltrated by Shiite militias that target Sunnis, and can no longer be trusted.

It seems that the strategy of the Shiites has been to have their own militia members in the police force. Worse still, the Kurds have been doing the same thing. In the meantime, Sunni Arabs and secular Shiites have refused to open discussions with the Shiite religious bloc leading in Iraq's parliamentary elections until a full review of the contested results is carried out.

Interestingly, while the elections themselves have received great international coverage, the preliminary results have been hardly mentioned anywhere in the media. No one is suggesting that it is because it is a (Shiite) religious group - the United Iraqi Alliance with the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution at its center- which has won a large number of the seats and has now become the N°1 political force in the country. No – because the implications would be that the US is going to have to face the fact that it is helping create a parliament led by religious leaders connected (at least ideologically) to their Iranian counterparts. The results most certainly please Iran which has tried to clearly meddle with Iraq’s internal affairs since the end of Saddam Hussein’s regime – even especially in the last elections (here or here).

Already, the police that the US helped create is going out of control. So the future looks quite bleak with the strong possibility of a civil war, or with Shiite Mullahs in power.

Once again, the US is helping create a possible monster – now, hold on, yes, this is has already happened before… Remember Afghanistan? When the CIA played and armed the fanatical Muslim fundamentalists against the Soviets – fanatics who later turned against the US. (here and here) This is becoming a recurrent theme isn’t it? I guess someone has not learned their lesson!


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