Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Hybrid Commercial.

As we all know the ticket for a commercial break during the Super Bowl half time demands all sorts of requirements (for the family audience, no one should be shocked!) and a lot of money. has some interesting information (also here) about one of the commercials this year - for a Toyota's Hybrid car (i.e. running both on gas and electriciy). The idea of mixing English and Spanish is interesting (metaphor for hybrid?).
Read the transcript:
A conversation between dad and his son
Son: Papá, why do we have a hybrid?
Father: For your future!
Son: Why?
Father: It's better for the air, and we spend less because it runs on gas and electrical power. (Points to dashboard display.) Mira, mira aquí. It uses both.
Son: Like you, with English and Spanish!
Father: Sí!
Son: Why did you learn English?
Father: (Pauses.) For your future!
(video available here)

I actually find it quite subversive as despite its bilingualism it advertizes the hegemony of English. How is it going to play with the hispanic audience? For a more detailed analysis, read the post on [Undoudtedly though, it'll get less controversy than Janet's showing of breast...]


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