Monday, January 02, 2006


Is it me or there is something really odd and somewhat contradictory in the notion that Putin's Russia should have the chairmanship of the G8? Russia is not only just the 16th richest country in the world... it is also the most [and only] autocratic power in the group.
Well, no it's not just me. No kidding.There is plenty of criticism, and sometimes courageous attempts:
A FORMER top Kremlin official who led Russia's successful bid to join the Group of Eight leading industrialised nations has warned that democracy has been rolled back so far under President Vladimir Putin that the country would be refused membership if it applied today.
In the meantime, Russia started the first major energy crisis in Europe... and here's the funny part:
it assumed the rotating presidency of the Group of Eight industrialised nations with a pledge to make “energy security” a key theme.
Secure for whom? Great start! After some Bushism, we now can expect some Putinism for 2006.


At 12:26, Anonymous IC said...

Between King George & Czar Putin, we can look forward to a return to the cold war shortly I'm sure. It makes no sense geo-politically, however the Military Industrial complex in both countries is begging for it...


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