Friday, March 03, 2006

(Complicated) French Words v. (Very Simple) English Words.

Typically the French do like words that sound complicated and serious. The more obscure, the more credible! Whereas the French have "grippe aviaire" - a word most French people did not know until recently - (and the joke goes C'est qui "viaire"?), in English the same disease is usually simply called "Bird Flu" rather than "Avian Flu" (even though it also exists but sounds very 'medical').
However, it is no worse than "angine", the French word for "sore-throat". Of course, the more medical word "angina" also exists (and that's the beauty of it) but for some 'strange' reason it is not in use. Is it because it sounds too medical? Not really in this case, it just sounds too much like.... some other word... if you see what I mean! ;-)


At 20:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

F… unfortunately my English is not good enough to get the pun. You forget a complicated and serious french word in use : rhinopharyngite...

At 07:52, Blogger Joker & Thief said...

More simply called "gorgite" in my circles... ;-)


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