Sunday, March 05, 2006

Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest.

I find this idea very weird... :
After hearing about the decision by an Iranian newspaper to join the international Muslim protest and open a competition for cartoons about the Holocaust, illustrator Amitai Sandy and actor and screenwriter Eyal Zusman decided to bring Israel into the new battlefield: They have declared an Israeli competition for anti-Semitic cartoons, open to Jewish participants only. (Haaretz - Israel News)
According to the Israeli newspaper, large number of surfers said that the contest stirred pride in their Jewishness. "There were reactions like 'We will show those primitive Arabs that we are better than they are,'".
It seems to me this is looking more like a competition for stupidity. Someone at the site had the following comment:
It can show the Islamic world that humor and self deprecation is a healthy psychological exercise. The one who can face his demons can overcome his weaknesses"
"Self-depreciation" is a "healthy exercise"? Wow! What sort of psychology is that?
Well, the only thing that could save the idea from total stupidity is the humor but frankly, I haven't been ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) while looking at the cartoons. It's all very subjective, I'll admit. I simply don't see the humor there but maybe it's because I'm not Jewish or just because I don't have enough sense of humor. You tell me! (see for yourself here.)


At 18:46, Blogger leo said...

Musslims won't be drawing cartoons they are too busy reading the koran 23 hr a day where they learn how to make bomb vest and crawl on school buses to kill innocent children and then blaim the USA for what THEY DID!!!!!!!

At 19:01, Blogger Boy From The Bronx said...

There is a jewish holiday coming up called Purim where we celebrate being saved by Queen Easter from Haman. It has turned into a kids holiday as well. But one of the traditions of the holiday is the right to make fun of the religion, the Torah, the rabbis and such. Poking fun of ourselves is a jewish tradition. Look at the play and movie The Producers with the song Springtime For Hitler. It's the old story of "If I don't laugh, I'll cry." There is also a website called "The international Jewish Conspiracy' run by jews. You can by T-shirts, mugs and such and be part of the conspiracy- credit cards accepted- no COD. So having a contest for antisemtic pictures fits right in. Good luck to the winner - bagels and lox for all.

At 20:09, Blogger Joker & Thief said...

Well, apparently some do find the time. Have you not been following the news about Iran?
Besides, not all Muslims are either anti-semitic (the irony is that stricly speaking, the Arabs are a semitic people!)or praying 23hrs a day. Some work, have fun and... a life.

At 20:17, Blogger Joker & Thief said...

I can definitely see how there is a Jewish tradition of self-derision. I think self-derision is a better term than self-depreciation though. Since you seem to be from the Bronx, you certainly know a lot about Jewish humor. I've got to say that most of the time, I find Jewsih humor hilarious and I think it is that part I like best about American humor.I think the old story of "If I don't laugh, I'll cry.", is a great philosophy.
Thanks for the tip about the website.I'll look it up.

At 16:01, Anonymous marc said...

jewish humour's definitely irresistible.
shalom to all ov u


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