Monday, April 10, 2006

Andrew Sulllivan's suffocation by Ignorance.

Famous conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan really does know what he is talking about (not that it's a surprise). Here's what he wrote today:
If the French cannot accept even the teensiest attemp to bring market discipline and free labor markets to their over-regulated economy, then they need no longer be considered a nation with a future. They are a nation committing an extremely slow suicide by suffocation. The suffocation is caused by an overdose of insecurity. Its only cure is nerve. But nerve was never a very common French trait, was it?
In fact, he is making no point and is saying nothing. Why is he even so influential? Because of his use of ideology, to hide his massive ignorance and humorless prejudice? I wonder. At least H.L. Mencken (another famous pundit)'s quick ideological and racial misjudgements were often funny!


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