Sunday, April 09, 2006

New American Civil War - Americans v. Mexican invaders.

This video (via Crooks and Liars) of Foxnews show 'Your World with Cavuto' features a guest, Jack Wheeler (apparently a former Reagan adviser) who supports a theory so stupid that I am baffled it even went on air:
Mexico is actually planning a "Reconquista" master plan through its immigrants and is plotting to take back the part of the US that they lost [in 1848].
He claims that "the Mexican elite wants to break up the
US and that it is in effect waging war against the US". Cavuto called his talk “inflammatory” but did not try to argue. “Inflammatory” sells.
Wheeler even warned of the prospect of no less than a second American civil war, which would be waged between native-born Americans and Mexican invaders.
His evidence: the Mexican flags in the demonstrations against anti-illegal alien legislation and Vincente Fox's provocative words.
The problem according to Wheeler? A corrupt and socialist neighbour. The solution? A country economically and politically free (Here’s that old dirty word again: “socialism” as opposed to "freedom" of course!). But more urgently, his solution consists in building a fence, closing the borders and stop giving benefits. He also said that Mexico, not Iran, was the greatest threat to American security.

You may think this is an extreme point of view - and it is - (after all, that’s what fox News is all about) but it is not so different from other arguments recently heard in the whole debate on illegal aliens.


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