Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bush has no shame.

This is how Bush justified declassifying material which was than leaked to the press to undermine the credibility of war critic Joseph Wilson:
"You're not supposed to talk about classified information, and so I declassified the document,'' President Bush said in a question-and-answer session after delivering a speech on Iraq. "I thought it was important for people to get a better sense for why I was saying what I was saying in my speeches. And I felt I could do so without jeopardizing ongoing intelligence matters, and so I did.''
Now here's the best part:
"I wanted people to see the truth and thought it made sense for people to see the truth,''
I tell you, no shame but incredible arrogance and self-conficence. He really believes he can get away with anything. This Imperial President makes Nixon - THE other imperial president - look benevolent.


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