Sunday, April 02, 2006

A world without Johnny...

At the risk of making a lot of French people angry, I will just say that the French movie Jean-Philippe starts on a great premise - a different France where Johnny Hallyday would not exist.
In case you don't know who Johnny Hallyday is, well, you must if you want to know anything about popylar French culture - he is indeed the epitome of French redneck music. His name is a pseudo of course, (his real name is Jean-Philippe Smet) because back when he started, it was popular to sound American (rock'n'roll in French had to show its American roots) so the man is obviously quite old but unfortunately he just won't die! He's been a 'popular' singer for 46 years.... with some people and to my amazement continues to be.
So the movie Jean-Philippe (which is Johnny's real name) is about a fan of his who wakes up some day in a parallel world in which nobody knows Johnny. As great as the story-line sounds, I won't go see the movie because Jean-Philippe (aka Johnny) is actually in it. Too bad.


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