Thursday, May 25, 2006

Poland's Right Wing turn continues

While watching the French news tonight on the visit of the pope to Poland, I couldn't help wondering why nothing was said of the current far-right wing Polish government. The coverage was just mostly anecdotical and about how the Poles miss John-Paul II but nothing about the controversial ideaology of many of cabonet members. Is that news? Given the influence of a conservative fringe of the Catholic church on Polish politics, you'd think it'd be worthy of the news during Benedict's visit. But no, nobody seems to notice.
In fact, since we posted on the subject, I have not seen much of anything in Western news (including the US) on what is going on in Polan [I must say that French-German Arte is the only station that gave a fair account of the situation there. I guess that's because the Germans know better].
Yet, there have been some interesting developments. The current Law and Justice's minority government formed a coalition on May 5 with the church-affiliated Polish Families' League and the agrarian, anti-European Union Self-Defense party to give himself a majority in parliament. The leader of the
Polish Families' League, a far-right political party with anti-Semitic ideology, is no less than the Minister of Education now.

As you can read here:
The Families' League says it believes the church should continue shaping government policy, while Roman Giertych, the party's chairman and education minister, last week reiterated his plan to bar what he called the ``propaganda of homosexuality'' in schools.
As you can read in the Jerusalem Post, there is great concern in Israel about the Polish education minister's anti-semitism. Even the European Commission has warned Poland that it could be taken to the European Court of Justice if it was found to be infringing EU equality laws.
I wonder why the Poles are so obsessed with homosexuality and Jewishness.

Here's what one of the
Kaczyński brothers [the twin brothers now in charge of the country] said last March.
"It would be a threat to all mankind if such attitudes [i.e. homosexuality] were more widespread. How fortunate that gays and lesbians can’t reproduce." — comment during a state visit to Germany, made in Berlin. March 2006.

NOTE: I don't know if Kaczyński is a common name in Poland, but in the US, it also happens to be the last name of the Unabomber!


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