Monday, March 06, 2006

The Law and Justice Party.

Where do you think you find a (ruling) Convervative political party called Law and Justice? Saudi Arabia? Yemen? Nop! You find it in one of President Bush's greatest allies in the war on "terror".

And yes, it has become a scary place in its very own special way. I must confess I followed the latest elections there in December from a distance, but here are some interesting details that have recently come to my attention (via Deutsche Welle World):

The election victory of the Polish National Conservatives has provided fresh impetus for the right-wing extremist groups. Recently, the police turned a blind eye when a gang of thugs belonging to the "All Polish Youth" set upon a demonstration of gays and lesbians in the city of Poznan.
In Warsaw, meanwhile, the right-wing demonstrators disrupting a Christopher Street Day parade were known to have close ties with then Mayor and current State President Lech Kaczynski.
In such a social climate, the Polish right-wing extremists' black list is probably just the tip of an iceberg. Apparently, the arch-conservative Catholic Radio Maryja, which -- contrary to all ecclesiastical norms intervened on behalf of the Kaczynski twins in the election campaign -- also intends to publish a list of left-wing and liberal enemies of the government.
Tadeusz Rydzkyk, who founded Radio Maryja in 1991, is no stranger to this form of witch-hunt. Ten years ago, Rydzyk's associates were believed to have issued a blacklist of Polish Jews.

It has become quite clear over the months that arch-conservative Catholic Radio Maryja played a decisive role in the latest elections in Poland so much so that the Vatican is quite uneasy with it. Incidently, Radio Marya is run by a Priest (Father Rydzyk) who is a millionaire. Yes, that's right a "millionaire Catholic Priest" but it looks like the Vatican is not willing to take it much longer. (here)


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