Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Un dia sin gringos..

The 'Nothing Gringos' Day in Mexico - when people boycotted US products and franchises in show of solidarity of the 'Day without an Immigrant' - did not really make the headlines in the US. It does seem to me like a very pointless move - as the CSM points out, more than 40 % of Mexico's workforce is employed by US companies. The Mexican economy is as dependent on US manfactories as the U.S. economy is also dependent on cheap foreign workers. What can really come out of single day of boycott anyway - especially on a Holiday when most places are closed down anyway?
So in the end, the movement is actually as much a condemnation of Vincete Fox's government as of the US Congress taking a tougher line on immigration:
"This is a condemnation of both governments," said Jose Arturo Ruiz, 48, a teachers-union adviser. "The government of Mexico, for not creating conditions so our countrymen can stay here with dignified jobs, and the U.S., for these anti-immigrant laws that turn people into criminals." (Seattle Times)
Apparently, the momentum also spread further South, with activists in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador saying "No" to everything from the US. It seems that anti-US anger has become more expressive in Latin America, either politically (the left is now in power in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Uruguay) or socially.
The presidential elections in Mexico in July may confirm Latin America's left turn.


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