Tuesday, June 13, 2006

SIPRI (part2): Peace, War and Africa.

More from the Stockholm Peace Institute Report: Africa seems to be the hot spot in the world today, yet we tend to focus on the Middle-East where the combination of oil and religion is a recipe for problems in our countries. But if we look at the African continent - in this age of migration - some things make sense. As the report says, the UN has intensified its engagement in Africa:

By December 2005, 75 % of UN resources were devoted to Africa. Nearly half the number of deployed UN personnel are African.

However, the release in 2005 of major reports from the UN Millennium Project and the British-led Commission for Africa pointed to the stark fact that Africa is currently the region that is farthest from attaining any of the Millennium Development Goals.

While there has been some success in Liberia an Sierra Leone, there has been great instability and repeated threats of violence in Côte d’Ivoire and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The biggest failure of the international community, however, has been in Darfur, Sudan.


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