Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Update on the Image of the U.S. in the World.

Here's another of our favorite subjects - perception (see our post from last year) so here we go again with latest Pew numbers about how the US is viewed in other countries.

America’s global image has again slipped and support for the war on terrorism has declined even among close U.S. allies like Japan. The war in Iraq is a continuing drag on opinions of the United States, not only in predominantly Muslim countries but in Europe and Asia as well. And despite growing concern over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the U.S. presence in Iraq is cited at least as often as Iran – and in many countries much more often – as a danger to world peace.

France is not the country that view the US most negatively - Spain is. Only about a quarter of the Spanish public (23%) expresses positive views of the U.S., down from 41% last year; America’s image also has declined significantly in India (from 71% to 56%) and Indonesia (from 38% to 30%).


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