Thursday, July 06, 2006

Comment on line.

I think this comment left by an American reader with regard to our post McMansion - The American Dream House is worth putting on the blog. It is anonymous but it is interesting and unique in many ways. I tend to have a more optimistic view of the future of the American society (see our post on What makes Americans so Special.) even if I think the following remarks are accurate in many ways.
The very fact that someone can put their own culture into perspective like this is a testimony to the diversity of opinions in the US society.

Not only the American house is getting bigger, the American is also driving bigger cars. The SUVs, big trucks are popular choices for barbie doll/porn star look alike soccer moms, and redneck/rapper wannabe Nascar dads. Perhaps the main reason is that the American is getting fatter, more obese. Frankly despite of being an American myself, I think in general the Americans are very repulsive. They prefer quantity over quality, image over substance, live to eat instead of eat to live, live to work instead of work to live. The excesses (in foods, sizes, houses, cars....) put heavy demand on the financial budget. Everyone is spending and catching with the Jones instead of saving and living comfortable within their own mean. Thus most people are in debts, have little of saving, work lot of overtime or more than one jobs, spend very little time on quality personal time (it's not the so called "good time" that many chubby/beefy/obnoxious Americans often brag about). If you travel to any national parks here in the United States, don't be surprised to see lot of foreigners. And if you talk to them, you will discover that they have lot more vacation than an average American, travel lot of places, and seen more America than many American themselves. I actually know several people from the work place who have never been further than West of the Missouri river. Naturally, they are very conservative, self-proclaimed Republican/Fundamental Christians. However just by observing their living style, one has to wonder if they're really Christians because they violate most of the real Christian qualities. Yet nowaday the whole country is very much the same. Everyone is bragging about American dream, but no one knows exactly what American dream is. If the American dreams are the McMansions; the SUVs; the high paid but unstable jobs with little vacation, no pension, little health insurance, lot of overtimes; the constant chanting (and over using) the word "freedom" despite of many laws/rules/restrictions, government control; and the government that run by corrupt, greedy, self serving, party over country royalty policians then they are not my American dreams. Perhaps it's just me, but I don't have any dreams in this current society


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