Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bush Pardons Birds.

Call me insensitive but I really find this whole business of the presidential pardon of a Thanksgiving turkey the most ridiculous “American tradition” that I know.

Not only were Fryer and Flyer (those are the names of the birds this year) pardoned but they were given two first-class tickets to LAX, and places of honor in a Thanksgiving Day parade at Disneyland.

Come on! They’re just stupid ugly BIRDS, for God’s sake! I’m all for animals’ rights but let’s put this into context: the ceremonial show put on by the White House after years of illegitimate war and uncompassionate policy is bad-taste at best and sickening at worst. It may have been just a tiny bit better to keep a low profile about it and avoid the big ceremony, just for the sake of America's image in the world.

What do you think the rest of the world is going to think of this display of American “mercy”… for a bird?

This is all the more hypocritical for a president who is so pro-death penalty and unwilling to pardon humans… oh, actually that’s not entirely true, he can pardon his friends, like Caspar Weinberger!

But maybe this is a metaphor for the hypocrisy of politics driven by image. As you can read here, the pardon has never prevented Bush from enjoying his turkey-meal.

Now I admit I may lack a sense of humor, so let’s try to see the funny aspect of the whole thing. Of course, there is this famous picture:

But it doesn’t make up for it – it just barely makes me smile.

I also admit, I’m not big on traditions and sure, this Turkey-pardon has been a true innocent (albeit dumb) American tradition for 59 years, since Harry Truman. Well, maybe not so innocent though. According to Wonkette, it was actually suggested to Truman by the National Turkey Federation to ensure the sale of Turkey.

But the main question is: what exactly is the turkey pardoned for?

Last but not least, why is the Turkey always white? After all, Truman’s turkey was black.

Every time I see Turkeys, they’re black – especially the North American Wild Turkey.

Mmmm… maybe there is more to read into this tradition than one might think after all.


At 23:08, Anonymous dg said...

Lighten up J2T! It's just a dumb tradition, but so what? Plenty of other things in the world (and the good ol' USofA) to get steamed about....

At 07:24, Blogger Joker & Thief said...

Dumb indeed, but do you think this country can afford to show more dumbness to the world? Don't you think there's enough lack of credibility already?
Yes, sure, there are plenty of other things going on in the world but this one (just like most everything else in America) makes it to the news throughout the world, and the good USofA is not just ANY country.
The worst part is that.... it's neither funny nor cute! Let's just grow up a little bit... just axe the stupid bird and get done with it!

At 08:26, Anonymous SG said...

Cowboys and Broad-breasted Whites...what more can I say?


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