Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Relief in France: O'Reilly Lifts Boycott!

Well, we have already talked about conservative tv and radio host Bill O'Reilly (Fox news) and his love for French-bashing (here, and here). Not that he matters so much (even though his show is very popular, I have my doubts about O'Reilly's real influence in conservative circles. He is so grotesque that it's hard to take so seriously).

As you may know, since 2003 and the rift over Iraq, O'Reilly has called for a boycott on French products - the problem is that it has never really worked:
Through the years O'Reilly has claimed his boycott of France has cost the country "billions of dollars" (O'Reilly himself quoted that figure in the non-existent "Paris Business Review"). In fact, the United States has increased spending on French Imports during the three years of the 'boycott' (from $29 Billion in 2003 to $37 Billion in 2006). (The Newshole)
Now that France has a elected a new president who seems to be more pro-American, Bill O'Reilly has announced the lifting of the boycott. Boy, ain't we all happy now?! Surely France is relieved.

Here is what he said on his show, The O'Reilly Factor, last Monday (source: The Newshole)
The Factor is lifting the boycott of France. However, 'Boycott France' bumper stickers do remain available on for nostalgia purposes, and you never know... we may have to re-impose it.

France has a new president, Nicholas Sarkozy. We believe he will be much more fair when dealing with the USA, helping out NATO, and fighting the war on terror.

The funny though is that O'Reilly's simple mind concludes that the (so far, small-scale) violent protests against Sarkozy is actually a good reason to support him.
The fact that thugs took to the streets after Sarkozy won tells you all you need to know about the election. If these animals don't like Sarkozy, then he must be doing something right.

Anyway, many on the Factor staff are very pleased the boycott is lifted so they can eat their little truffles and escargot and drink their overpriced wine.

Now of course, he remains cautious:
For me, I like visiting France, but I'm going to wait and see what happens before checking into some chi-chi farmhouse in Provence. To not do so... would be ridiculous.
Ridiculous... mmmmm... right.. O, irony! that would the word indeed!

NOTE: Unfortunately, buying French products will bot annoy him any more.


At 06:01, Blogger On en parle said...

About what this guy thinks and says I'm hesitating. Must I say "what a pity !" or "what a shit !" ? Sorry American people. Be sure I do know all of you are not so stupid.


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