Friday, July 06, 2007

Both Venus and Mars are Talkers!

Since both the Joker and the Thief tend of be males of the talkative type, we feel some relief in this study:
An article in this week's issue of Science blasts the popular myth that women are more talkative than men.
This was the first research to "systematically record the total daily output, in natural conversations, of a sizable number of people."
It seems that the study found that men tend to go extreme: the most talkative and least willing to speak were all men in the group.
Now, I can finally and safely come out of the closet as a "talkative man" (not that no one had actually noticed). Believe it or not, it is hard on us - men who like words:
Psychologist Matthias Mehl of the University of Arizona says the stereotype needs to be debunked. Not only because women are harmed by the "female chatterbox and silent male" stereotype, but because men are disadvantaged by it, too."It puts men into the gender box, that in order to be a good male, we'd better not talk — (that) silence is golden," Mehl says. "The stereotype puts unfortunate constraints on men and women – the idea that you can only happily be a woman if you're talkative and you can only be happy as a man if you're reticent. The study relieves those gender constraints."
If the difference in the number of words uttered is not significant, I would bet though that the content is very different. I'd say men tend to talk more about politics for instance and women more about relationships. But that's just an easy guess.
It'll be very interesting to see what the researchers find out when they publish their next results.


At 21:02, Blogger On en parle said...

I noticed women often talk about futilites (clothes, shopping... my God, what did I wrote !) and job, cooking, health, family, men, leisure... being between themselves, about life to sum up. I think they speak about relationships being with men to be considered as serious and also because this topic is effectively a big deal. Men mainly talk about politics, economy and job being with women. In any case I do agree, some of them are so talkative they even can’t appreciate the sound of silence 


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