Monday, December 08, 2008

Cars on the Altar : only in America!

One of the largest churches in Detroit (the "Mecca" of the American car industry, also known as Motown) has prayed for some divine intervention to save the Big 3 (GM, Ford, Chrysler). They also urged for a fast until a bailout was voted by Congress.
The New York Times and Wall Street Journal both featured a prominent photo of this even on their front pages.
While I understand the desperation of those (mostly black) low-income auto workers, and even if I can relate to resorting to prayers when you don't know what’s going to happen, there is something really un-biblical in showing sport-utility vehicles at the altar with auto workers in the pews offering up prayers for Congress to bail out the struggling auto industry.
Even if those cars are hybrid SUVs, which is good, the display of such a symbol of materialism on the altar of a church is far from anything biblical. Or did I miss something? Moses would probably return to the mount pretty sad...
Does God even care? Not sure.....

As you can see on the video, it is very much in the "tradition" of African-American worship and show business. Fascinating....


At 20:10, Anonymous Abie said...

The "golden calf" feeling is even stronger with this collective prayer in front of the Wall Street Bull :


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