Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The War-on-Christmas as imagined by the Right in the US is a political tool meant to inspire the conservative masses. The French tradition of laïcité is even more difficult to understand. We've made our attempts here and there. But rather than desert friends and family during the holidays to make another stab, we thought we'd just point to a good discussion in play right now. The comments are even more illuminating than the article.


At 02:32, Blogger Tororoshiru said...

Interesting article indeed... however, when it comes to comments, I beg to differ: mostly, I felt the first post spotted the obvious ("I'm not really sure this cake incident reflects anything else but the stupidity of the teacher"), while the next ones missed the point entirely. What should have been noted is that, (not mentioning stupidity undoubtedly being involved), the incident reveals there's a growing fear among teachers being disavowed by their hierarchy if they do (or allow to be done) in their classrooms anything that could be deemed the less "non-mainstream" (volumes could be written about the various surprising ways Frenchies did, in past years, understand this typically American imported concept: "political correctness").

Of course what I'm offering is a Frenchman's point of view... so it's not unlikely it might (again) "reveal a national blind spot"!


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