Tuesday, December 16, 2008


In a day and age when CEO paychecks are skyrocketing and median wages are stagnant, this sort of statistic makes me sick to my stomach. The United States has far and away the WORST child poverty rate among developed nations. Say what you will of Scandinavian socialism, at least their children don't live in poverty. I read a few years back that Sweden was the first country in which a doctor could not tell the socioeconomic status of a child from a simple physical. Swedes have decided that all children have the right to proper health care, adequate nutrition and an education.

While US lawmakers are busy bailing out financial giants from their own excess American children live in poverty at record rates. So much for trickle-down economics.


At 11:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Swedish youth may not be as poor but they're still a pain in the ass.
Of, the ingratitude.... If only the knew and read this blog! ;-)


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