Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bring the (French) Troops Back Home!

When I read this news:
The former commander of French troops in Ivory Coast has been suspended for allegedly covering up the death of an Ivorian held by French forces.
I thought that if the French were the United-States, their army would probably make the same mistakes in Iraq. This is something that puts the criticism of others into perspective.
This is aslo something that is going to make the job of the French army in Ivory Coast much more difficult, so.... why not bring the troops back home and find some other countries to do the job? Is it really wise for the French, the former colonial power to be involved anyway?
Maybe the French should ask the Americans..
.Only the Americans don't care.
And the truth is, the French would never give up any bit of their influence in Africa to the U.S. anyway.!


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