Sunday, November 27, 2005

Accountability... or Accountabilties?

Here's an interesting suggestion by an found on "Common Dreams" :
I would suggest that any member of the US Congress who, despite a plethora of international evidence that the reasons for this invasion had been faked by the Bush administration, had voted for it, should be barred from ever running for any public office in America ever again! Because either they are too careless and gullible or else they are too stupid for the job, and they have unnecessarily endangered and killed many lives, not least many fine young Americans in their prime.
Last, but not least, I have no words for the contempt I will forever feel for the majority of the American mainstream journalists for not having informed the American public about the facts.
After all, the rest of the world was fully aware of them. So it wasn't rocket science to learn and report them as well.
While this will never happen, this "Austrian conference interpreter, occasional writer and political activist" has a point! The very fact that a majority thought (or may still believe) that Saddam Hussein was linked to 9/11 is a good illustration of the propaganda that occured. If only, the US had waged war to get rid of a brutal dictator, they would have had some moral credibility in the world today.
Despite all of that, let's not simplify history - I still believe that French President Jacques Chirac also has his own responsibility - notably for not letting the US Council hold a vote, or for being unwilling to suggest a clear time-table for inspections with a list of to-do tasks with a definite dealine. No doubt the Bush administration would have been upset but they would have probably been forced into accepting it by the British and by public opinion.
And let's not forget Saddam's own responsibility for playing with fire. He dug his own grave by not giving full access to the inspectors, thus giving a pretext for the warmongers in the White House and the Pentagone.


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