Thursday, November 24, 2005

Let's Go Concrete.. again!

A while ago (right after Hurricane Katrina) we posted something on the benefits of concrete in making houses and buildings in areas hit by hurricanes. Well, it seems that a new French-made concrete has a number of other (new) advantages:

  • It is a tensile material... So it works well in seismic building conditions.
  • It's dense, but you need less matter... So buildings are lighter and cost less and can optimize bad lands for foundations.
  • It allows for fire regulations... Much better then steel, as it keeps it's mechanical properties much longer.
  • It's watertight...
  • It's "easy" to make...
  • It's molded... As all concretes, and can be readily prefabricated.
  • It allows for nano technology...

This is according to a posting on the blog 'European Tribune'. It has more fascinating details on the history and making of concrete. And guess what? It was written by a Frenchman of course!

Note : In these times of urban renewal and tower projects blown up, a question remains - how easily can this better concrete be destroyed?


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