Sunday, November 27, 2005

Effect Of Bombing -al Jazzera-Plan Allegations In Arab World

The White House may deny all they want or call it "outlandish", the claims that Bush wanted to bomb the most popular TV in the Arab world is already having a ripple effect throughout the Arab world, damaging even more the image of the US in the world. It strangely parallels Bush's approval rate in the US... You think it may have reached bottom but it is still getting worse. How much lower can it go? The divide between the Arab world and the US is widening by the minute. The long term effects have yet to be felt, and the media in the US have seemed so far unaware of this.
Newspapers in the Arab world have reacted with a mixture of anger and disgust over allegations that US President George W. Bush suggested bombing the popular Arab television station al-Jazeera. BBC
The White House surely cannot just ignore it and hope it'll go away somehow...


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