Sunday, November 27, 2005

Follow-up on the Bush-Bombing-Al-jazeera Memo

As we have already talked about (here and here), the allegations that Bush wanted to bomb the news channel al Jazeera are likely to have some political and judicial effects.

Today on the BBC:
The head of al-Jazeera is delivering a letter to Tony Blair demanding the facts on reports that President Bush suggested bombing the Arab TV station.
But more interestingly is this part:
Cabinet Office civil servant David Keogh has been charged under the Official Secrets Act of passing the memo to former Labour MP Tony Clarke's researcher Leo O'Connor. Both men are due to appear at Bow Street Magistrates Court next week. Last week Labour MP and former defence minister Peter Kilfoyle tabled a Commons motion calling for the memo to be made public.
He accused ministers of using the Official Secrets Act to save political embarrassment rather than protect national security as it is intended.
Both in the US and in Britain, "Leak" seems to be the word of the year!
The best part is when some government officials say it was a joke. Some joke! Nobody's buying it of course. It appears that the same memo has some other embarrassing elements which may explain why it has not been made public yet.

The Guardian has an extensive article with some interesting details. While the news has not been all over the media yet, it has "reached mythic proportions among bloggers on the Internet" (including conspiracy theorists).


At 09:24, Anonymous Abie said...

Vritain ?

At 12:53, Blogger Joker & Thief said...

Ooops.. Typo => Britain.


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