Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Paris, it's a riot for the media.

After 11 days of rioting, we thought we'd give you a sample of US media coverage of the French riots. This is by no means anexhaustive list, but it will at least give you an idea of what's going on right now.

NY Times : good survey of the last 11 days including dates and figures. Sparse but concise analysis.
"While the violence has not taken on religious overtones, most of the young people involved are nominally Muslim, raising fears that Islamist groups could capitalize on the unrest to recruit new members. Internet postings from one such movement encouraged young Muslims elsewhere in Europe to riot in the name of Islam."

Washington Post : emphasis on de Villepin's latest words.
Asked on TF1 television whether the army should be brought in, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said, "We are not at that point."

Time : Lack of integration/assimilation. Recap of '68, revolution which brought down a government. Sarkozy is the target this time.

Newsweek : Provides good context for events. There's lots of talk. This is not war, this is not jihad. This is a failed immigration program and disaffected youth. Calls for jihad are opportunistic extremists. These kids are not.

NPR : background and analysis from Time's Paris bureau chief.

BBC : Summary of international press coverage.

Al Jazeera : No religious overtones yet.

BLOGGERS: I've noticed that coverage is far more popular in the conservative blogosphere, most willing to ascribe the violence to Islam or gloating over "failed French policy." Not surprising, or particularly useful for that matter.

Outside the Beltway - "Why don't they call these youth/rioters/brigands what they are? MUSLIMS!"
The New Editor - a map of fires and riots
Radio Blogger - Go US, France sucks! about the dumbest interpretation of events I've read yet.
Secular-Right India - "Must call the problems by their name; the name is radical Islam."


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