Saturday, December 31, 2005

There is leak.... and there is "leak".

The Bush administration which has [yet again] taken a lot of heat recently for its warrantless (and most likely illegal) domestic spying is fighting back. The are now launching an investigation to find out who leaked the information. Their defence thus is to attack. No one is buying it.

Guest blogger Steve Benen on Political Animal, sums it up well:
In other words, Bush circumvented the law with warrantless searches, but it's the whistleblower who's facing a criminal investigation.
In the meantime, I have yet to hear a good legal argument from the right that makes sense with regard to Bush's disregard for the law. All I hear are moral arguments, but the "rule of law" still means something in this country, or have I missed something?
As Benen pointed out for those right-wing binary minds, there is huge difference between the Plame leak and the spying-leak (also called "snoopegate") as there is a "difference between exposing official wrongdoing and exposing a CIA agent to help cover up bogus pre-war claims", or does it get too subtle for them?


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