Friday, December 09, 2005

UN Climate Conference & Ground Level Ozone in Europe.

According to the BBC, an informal agreement may have been reached at the UN Climate Conference in Montreal for a long-term plan to cut down carbon emissions. As should be expected, the U.S. doesn't seem to be on board as they have raised many objections - along with guess who.... ? Yep, Saudi-Arabia! - but this time, the delegates "appear to have decide to carry on without them". That's how low the expectations have been about the US since they walked out of Kyoto in 2001. Once bitten...

The only useful contribution of the US to the environment is to provide the technology that shows how bad things are (see below) - a technology that does not seem to convince enough American leaders, it seems.
The map below details strong presence of nitrogen dioxide, an important precursor in the production of ground-level ozone. (Image: KNMI/FMI/NIVR/Nasa) [found on BBC]


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