Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Neo-Con Implosion

Watching the neo-cons implode is a guilty pleasure. One shouldn't gloat over the demise of others. But when an ideology, or at the very least its implementation, has been responsible for such a disaster as the Iraq War...well, one permits oneself a brief moment of joy. Last week's New Yorker had an article about the new book out by Francis Fukayama, America at the Crossroads," describing his break with the neo-cons caused by his anger over the blind allegiance of cheerleaders like Charles Krauthammer, neo-con extraordinaire.
Well, you may now witness the spat for yourselves by reading the rather nasty réplique by Krauthammer in his own column in today's WaPo. It's nasty stuff, but par for the course from a gang on the ropes. Is Fukayama's conversion for real or is he an opportunist? For you to decide. But one thing's for sure, this isn't the end of his-story.


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