Monday, March 06, 2006

Piracy Joke at the Oscar.

The question of internet 'piracy' has been a hot topic in France in the last few weeks as French MPs have been debating legislation over internet file sharing (the first round has been an embarrassing defeat for the government, which had planned to introduce large fines and possible jail terms of up to three years for internet pirates). As the French MPs prepare to vote again, it seems that backing for the global licence remains strong and popular despite the government's opposition. (see here and here)
Of course, internet piracy also gets Hollywod worried as we have mentioned before . Well, the issue has now even reached the stage of the 78th Academy Awards thanks to host (and great comedian) Jon Stwart whose joke does not seem to have pleased the stars at the show. (i.e. strangely they didn't laugh at that one.. Too close to home?). Personally I find it excellent and politically accurate if not incorrect in that time and place.
"It hasn't been the best year for Hollywood. The box office was a little bit down. And piracy continues to be a problem. So let me just say if there's anyone out there involved in illegal movie piracy, don't do it. Take a good look at these people. These are the people you're stealing from. Look at them! Face what you've done! There are women here who could barely afford enough gown to cover their breasts." (USA Today)
Are we witnessing a revolution of sorts against the rich and powerful? A New Internet Revolution? Maybe not but there is going to be major economic and possibly social change. And in any case, these are most definitely fascinating times we live in!


At 15:57, Anonymous marc said...

quite a good, even though easy, joke by Jon Stewart at the Oscar ceremony. Still, couldn't piracy even affect less famous and 'rich' artists? just wondering.

At 00:28, Anonymous Abie said...

"Face what you've done!" This guy know how to hit a mark...
As for piracy and the current French debate on licencing, I found this document specially helpful (in French) :


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