Friday, May 05, 2006

Americans Have to Hide their Flag Abroad.

The image of the US in the world is not very good - the Americans playing at the soccer World Cup have to keep a low profile, even in Germany. In fact, the official team bus to be used by the United States will not bear a flag for 'security' reasons. It is actually predominantly blue in color (Fox Sports)
Obviously there are security reasons involved - but still, I find the new bothersome, especially in the wake of the recent uproar about foreign flags in demonstrations on the American soil. The irony of course lies in all the 'patriots' who always brag about the flag in the US (and recently put shame on the immigrants who used the Mexican flag...) but who never travel abroad and brandish the flag.
Isn't patriotism associated with courage? And so I have always found very strange the idea that you show your patriotism for your country... by putting an American flag on your front porch IN THE US. It seems to me it would be more meaningful (and take more guts) to do it abroad, don't you think? What is the point of showing your love for your country in your own country where a majority of people is just like you? I just wonder...

It is also worth
noticing that many Americans travel with Canadian flags on their backpacks. But this time they were already used. How dared they!


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