Thursday, May 04, 2006

World's first joint history textbook

Today France and Germany today launched the world's first joint history textbook. (here in French). That's great news and something that other many other nations should really start considering, I think. Cultural ideologies and paradigms are often shaped in school after all.

Paraxocially, it was not World War II which provided the main topic of debate, but the US role in the world since 1945 and guess what : the French found the Germans to be pro-American and the Germans found the French viewpoint anti-American, according to Guillaume Le Quintrec, co-director of the project. The result seems to be a more balanced view.

NOTE: This illustrates our thesis that the French elite is comparatively more anti-American than the German elite, yet it is also our understanding that the French people are somewhat less anti-American than the German people as a whole. One may explain the other.


At 15:13, Anonymous marc said...


2 years ago, some Israeli and Palestinian historians worked out a joint history textbook focusing on 3 major periods,1917, 1948 and 1987. THAT was something!
(see Histoire de l'autre, ed. Liana Levi)


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