Monday, June 05, 2006

Could you be the president?

This Do It Yourself Online Presidential Leadership Quiz' is a pretty funny politcal satire - a bit long but worth your time. It is made by a school-teacher in Sacramento. It is as American as it gets. (If you need it, you can also read the transcript here).

Here's an extract:
In order to simulate actual White House conditions, we've designed the test around a series of simple binary-choice questions. This is because (as our current president understands intuitively) all of life's problems, even the most complicated, can be effectively reduced down to two possible solutions: one "right," the other "wrong." And remember, binary-choice questions have a built-in advantage for people who like to guess at the truth. In a multiple choice format, the guesser has only a 25% chance of getting the answer correct. In a binary-choice format, that chance is doubled. So, in all cases, you are (theoretically) as likely to be right as you are to be wrong!


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