Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How countries view each other:

Here's more of the Pew results:
In Europe, as well as predominantly Muslim countries, the U.S. is generally less popular than Germany, France, Japan, and China. However, the U.S. fares somewhat better in Asia; in fact, Indians rate the U.S. higher than Germany, France, or China and only slightly below Japan.
(However, America's favorability rating has dropped 15 points in India since last year.)

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Two other points worth mentioning:
  • Not only do Germany and France rate one another quite positively, they actually rate the other country more favorably than their own.
  • It is baffling that European countries (60% in France) can rate China - a totalitarian regime - better than the US (39% in France) which is (still) a democracy?


At 19:47, Blogger Woozie said...

That's just because they hate us. I think it's really more out of spite than actually thinking China is better than us.

Oh, and you never answeed my question:

Did you drink Bob Dylan's wine, or did you order the plowmen to dig his earth? Or both?

At 22:38, Blogger Joker & Thief said...

I don't believe they do it out of spite. I think it is rather that they feel much more the presence of the US in their everyday news than that of China. I also believe they know even less about China than about the US.
The remarkable thing is that people (not just in Europe but in the whole world) feel like they know the U.S. quite well just because they are exposed to American culture and American products... and American news; But they don't.
I also think that people's opinion could change quickly with another Tien An Men.

As far as your other point - and to answer your question : neither of course. We know too well what is valuable and what is not.
But I have to go now, the hour is getting late. ;-)


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