Monday, July 10, 2006

The French (really) ain't so bad in sports.

That is when the game is fair at least. Now that we got rid of most, if not all of the doped cyclist, (four of the top favorites were excluded from this year's race and Armstrong is under investigation LATimes), indeed locale moral and ambitions are up again in the Tour de France.
French Sylvain Calzati has been leading this year’s race. The irony is that, as you can guess by his last name, his ancestors are Italian and he actually ‘revealed, rather shamefacedly, that he would be supporting
Italy, not France, "because I have Italian ancestors"’. (Independent)
I really like the idea that a lot of our champions are the children of immigrants. It fits my idea of what this nation is really about - not about blood but about common values and ideals, very much like the United-States actually.

Calzati - France's new hero?


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