Monday, September 04, 2006

Sarkozy calls Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization.

According to the French (conservative) newspaper Le Figaro (in English):
Nicolas Sarkozy's comments on Hezbollah sowed confusion among the European diplomats gathered in Finland. In describing Lebanon's Shi'ite movement as "terrorist" the French minister of the interior is not really following the European line. Unlike Hamas, Hezbollah has not been placed on the EU List of terrorist organizations. France has always opposed it. "Describing Hezbollah as terrorist at this time could endanger the security of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon [UNIFIL]," a disconsolate diplomat said. Europe, with the agreement of Lebanon and Israel, has promised to send 7,000 men to southern Lebanon. Called on to disarm, Hezbollah is not opposing the deployment of this international force, except for on the Syrian border. "The aim is to lead Hezbollah into a political process, not to ostracize it," a European official pointed out.
Increasingly, Sarkozy resembles George Bush. In case you don't know Sarkozy, he is currently, the Interior Minister, head of the ruling UMP party and the right-wing candidate for the French presidential elections in 8 months.Strangely enough, the French media have not commented on this piece of news. They have largely covered, however, the boring UMP Party meeting and especially the support of some famous French singers for Sarkozy.
  • One was old singer Johnny Hallyday (once a Chirac supporter). Who cares what he thinks - he has started a procedure to receive Belgian citizenship anyway!
  • The other "singer" was French rapper, Doc Gyneco, a black singer whose songs used to promote violence. Doc Gyneco is now a socialite who is often accused of "selling out". He has indeed come a long way!
No doubt this year, there is going to be a lot of posting on the French presidential campaign on this blog. Can't promise it'll be "interesting" in terms of ideas.... but it'll certainly be entertaining.


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