Monday, November 28, 2005

Chirac & Bush, Low & Lower.

Bush and Chirac could soon become "lowness buddies". Today the French daily Le Parisien published a CSA Poll that shows that:
  • 60% of the French asked think the French president has no or little influence in Europe,
  • 66% think he has no or little influence in the world,
  • 72% think he has no or little influence.... in France.
Although at first glance it seems that Chirac has some way to go to reach Bush's "lowness", some numbers are strangely similar:
  • 56 % of Americans say Bush "won't be able to get much done" (Newsweek poll) and,
  • 56% of the French do NOT trust Chirac to deal with the issues of today's society. (but 40% do). Down 2 points from the previous month.(another CSA poll)
Even if the question asked is different it is similar enough to be meaningful. Maybe now, Bush and Chirac could work on a rapprochement since they obviously have a lot more in common than they think.


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