Tuesday, March 28, 2006

French Protest - the Impossible Number.

One of the traditions of the French demonstrations is that at the end of the day you always get two different figures - those of the organizers and those of the police, and guess what? they are always different and always different in the same way.
So when you read that there 3 million people throughout France today, it is the number given by the unions..and when you read there were a bit over 1 million (1,055,000to be exact) peope, it is the the authorities (i.e. the police). The reality? As always - neither. The truth lies probably somewhere in between.
What is known for sure is that there were lots of people...
Is it funny though in this day and age, with modern technology and computers (and probaby something much more simpe) that the media have not yet figured out a way to get the right number?Maybe they could hire a professional pollster to do the counting.... or do it themselves.
In any case, beware of the number....


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