Friday, June 16, 2006

The Image of France in the World and in the US.

As a follow-up on our post on the image of the US in the world, and because we make a point in being fair, let's add another interesting graph - this time on the image of France in the world.
While overall, the image of France is still positive, it has been going downward since last year. Why? Probably the riots last fall (see our post here) as well as protests in February through April over an attempt to change French labor law. Those may be forgotten in a year from now - providing nothing as bad happens.

Paradoxixally, the only exception is the U.S. where 52% now have a favorable impression of France. While it is still below the pre-Iraq War level of 79% in February 2002, it is up from 46% last year.
But this may not be so paradoxial after all. The drop of public support for the war in Iraq may have really helped the image of France in the U.S. (In May 2003, only 29% of Americans gave France a favorable grade!).

NOTE: Interestingly, the American public's feelings about other major countries are also more positive - even concerning China.


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