Monday, June 05, 2006

Let's praise diversity... in wines!

Here's a very consensual and rather funny article from 24 heures. It may be from a newspaper in Switzerland, it is nonetheless very French 'in spirit'. Come on, who else would compare wine to... art?
The best wines in the world are American … Not so fast. Would anyone have the ludicrous idea of staging a match between Mozart and Beethoven, between Monet and Van Gogh, between Kundera and Philip Roth? A great wine is neither the selection of a beauty queen or an inter-city match between France and the United States. At this level, it's also art.
Put more simply, choosing the world's most beautiful bottle of wine is a personal passion. It is that which accompanies one during personal meditations, in a tender moment, at a party with friends. Sometimes it might be a Cheval Blanc or a Ridge Monte Bello (the current winner). But most often it will be a very mature châteauneuf, an amarone, or even, why not … a subtle and aged dézaley.


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