Wednesday, March 29, 2006

French Bashing... on Fox!

Frankly, that FoxNews lashes out at the French (again) feels rather good. In fact, any slur from John Gibson (just look at the guy!) and his friends should be treated as a compliment:
In France they have a big demonstration Tuesday.
First, it's about not working. The rioters don't want to work and the threat of firing if they're lazy or won't work is what they're mad about.
Second, it's not peaceful. French youth are angry they won't have the same chance at a lazy do-nothing job which they can't get fired from — same as their parents. The idea they might have to compete against workers in other countries who do work hard and don't take six-week vacations, well that's enough to burn cars and attack the cops.


Personally, my favorite moment Tuesday was the water canon.
This is a very effective device. Attack the cops, get blasted by a high-pressure fire hose on specially built riot trucks that can fire blasts of water at rioters in all directions.
Hats off to the French for that one.
And hats off to the French for a thoroughly entertaining riot.
May I confess to the guilty pleasure of a satisfying laugh at the sight of a French protester getting knocked on his butt and rolled down the street like a burger wrapper?
I know, it's unkind and I should feel sympathy.
But somehow a guy rioting over being able to keep a job he doesn't do but thinks he has a right to anyway, that doesn't produce much sympathy in me. (Source : FoxNews)


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