Tuesday, April 04, 2006

CNN Live from Paris Protests!

It is very interesting to see the difference between last week's comments when CNN anchor Kyra Phillips compared the scene of violence in Paris (during the demonstration) to Tienanemen Square and today's much more informed thoughthrough analysis.
As I watch it live, there is a lot of background given (with sometimes factual errors) and they are talking of a "fight for a way of life" (that's a bit more positive, I guess). One commentator said that the problem was also caused by the government's refusal to negotiate and by Villepin ramming the law through parliament with little or no debate. He said the protests are not so much against the law itself as against the way government has acted in a high-handed way because it is so powerful in parliament. I think that's fair.
This CNN reporter (who lives in Paris but is American) is VERY critical of the government. That is fair too, I think. That sort of comment implicitely gives some credibility to the protesters.
In any case, I must say that CNN has done a good job in the last hour or so at explaining a complex situation in simple terms. I is rather funny to watch when you're French! They're now showing some of the violence but are saying it is much more contained than last week. (which it is). Right now you see more cops than demonstrators...
It is too bad that no French cable TVnews channel is reporting live. One has to rely on an American news channel to know about live events in France, sacré bleu!

NOTE: Very different from the Tiennamen comment indeed - the commentator is also praising the police for their restraint.... saying Sarkozy might reap the benefits!

NOTE2 : as always with CNN (and similar news channels) the main problem is that when they have nothing to show, they repeat the same (earlier) scenes... preferably those with violence. Unfortunately, that sort of thing distorts and magnifies small(er) negative aspects. I've seen enough. It's getting boring. I'm off to something else.


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