Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Media Distortion on French Protests.

As you can read here, the American media have covered the protests in France in a biased sort of way - even cutting away from away from a live broadcast of a news conference with US secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld - which shows how much the media care about what Rumy has to say.
The award of ludicrousness is given to CNN anchor Kyra Phillips who is clearly very ignorant:
"Sort of brings back memories of Tiananmen Square, when you saw these activists in front of tanks."
Paradoxically, the news channels also (rightly) commented on the "incredible restraint" shown by French riot police during the demonstrations, given the force's ruthless reputation.

UPDATE: A CNN journalist in Paris on Wednesday described as "regrettable" a comparison made by the US chain's anchor between jobs protests in Paris and the Tiananmen Square uprising in Beijing. "Unfortunately I have to say that this reference to Tiananmen was regrettable," said Chris Burns during a reception with French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy. "It was one small comment by a presenter. Apart from that, for anyone watching yesterday's coverage, it was very detailed and very balanced," Burns said.


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