Saturday, October 21, 2006

When 'New Europe' Wants to Ban Evolution Theory.

Recently we argued that the much heated debate between “evolutionist” and “creationist (or Intelligent Designer-ists) is almost solely an American phenomenon. We said “almost” because we had in mind the Mollahs of Iran who are not big fans of Evolution either.
As Le Monde reported yesterday, it seems that anti-evolution rhetoric is making progress in the developed world too :

Poland's deputy education minister called for the influential evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin not to be taught in the country's schools, branding them as lies in comments published on Saturday.

"The theory of evolution is a lie, an error that we have legalised as a common truth," Miroslaw Orzechowski, the deputy minister in the country's right-wing coalition government, was quoted as saying.

Orzechowski said that the theory was a feeble idea of an aged non-believer, who had come up with it perhaps because he was a vegetarian and lacked fire inside him. (here in English)

Well, of course this is PolandIs it really "Europe"… and is it really part of the “developed world”? The question remains. Boy, when I come to think of it, yes, Mr Rumsfeld, there is indeed an "Old Europe" and a New One, and I am relieved to be part of the former.

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Sorry for our polish readers… no offense meant. Our statement may be a gross exaggeration, I’ll be the firstto admit!

But on the other hand, you must agree that a country led by a Convervative political party called Law and Justice, which has allied with the church-affiliated Polish Families' League (a far-right political party with anti-Semitic ideology whose leader is no less than the Minister of Education now) and the agrarian, anti-European Union Self-Defense party to have a majority in parliament... is pretty scary.
It is agreed in Europe that the current Polish government really sucks – read our posts here or here but nobody's talking much about it, it seems.

The latest developments are worth of a pretty bad B-series though – it now looks like while the Kaczynski twins’ government continues to spew homophobic hate, one of the twins may actually be gay himself (read here or details). Just unfounded rumor? Well, it was serious enough to be published in Rzeczpolita, Poland’s second-most important newspaper. They published documents—some only recently declassified, and some that were leaked—from the files of the Polish Secret Service that discussed Prime Minister Kaczynski’s homosexuality.

Whatever..... this would almost be funny, if it wasn't so bad!


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